Westinghouse DS-416 Low Voltage AC Circuit Breaker URC AC-Pro

by Westinghouse

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Westinghouse DS-416 Low Voltage AC Circuit Breaker
Type DS-416
1600 Amp Frame
Rated Continuous Currrent 1200 Ampere Sensors
60 Hz.
600 Volt
3 Pole
Manually Operated
Draw Out
Max. Volts      Inst. Trip     Short Delay
635                 42,000        42,000
508                 50,000        50,000
254                 65,000        50,000

NAS can retrofit the trip unit of your choice.

Breaker currently has the following trip unit.
Westinghouse Amptector II A Model SE Long Time - Short Time

Pictures of a Class A Reconditioned and Retrofitted DS-416 Air Frame Power Circuit Breaker with New URC AC Pro are available for viewing in this listing.

Each used DS-416 Circuit Breaker are available cleaned and tested or Class A Reconditioned.

Meggered, Ductored and tested on high current Primary Injection test set

Backed by our 1 year warranty.

NAS owns all DS Vintages, DS Breakers, DS Switchgear, DS / DSII Parts.

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