Square D Model 6 Size 1 Breaker Style Combination MCC Bucket ~ FHP360031M Circuit Breaker

by Square D

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Square D Model 6 Size 1 Breaker Style Combination MCC Bucket

*Comes with door and racking cradle shelf.*
Square D FHP360031M Circuit Breaker
Cat: FHP360031M
3 Amp
600 VAC

Square D NEMA Size 1 Starter

Type: SC03
Form S
Series A
Class: 8536
Coil: 31041-400-42 120V / 60Hz , 110V / 50Hz
200/230 VAC 7 1/2HP
380/460/57 VAC 10 HP 600 VAC Max.

Square D Control Transformer

Type: EL-1
Class: 9070
Series C
.035 KVA 50Hz
.050 KVA 60Hz
Bussmann Fusetron
Cat: FRN-R-1/2 Amp 250V
Bussmann CC-Tron Fuse
Cat: FNQ-R-1/4 600VAC

These item came out of a data center and are in excellent condition!

Each used Square D Model 6 Size 1 Combination Breaker Style MCC Bucket will be Cleaned, Tested and Backed by Our 1 Year Warranty.

If you require a different configuration and this listing does not match please don’t hesitate to email us what is required and we will get back to you with a proper quote.

1-3 days lead time. If item is needed in a hurry please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss.

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