General Electric AK-2-25-2 JK Circuit Breaker (E/O,D/O) - 600 Amp

by GE

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NAS just received Used GE AK-2-25-2 JK circuit breakers in stock out of a safety related system. Take a look!

GE AK-2-25
600 volt
600 amp
3 pole
AK-2-25-2 JK
Electrically Operated
Shunt Trip- 622C502G1 , 125vDC
Undervoltage Trip Device
PN: 568B309G3
PN: 269C282G2
Coil PN: K6275081G18

GE Auxiliary Switch Type: SB-12
PN: 432A671G5

OD Trips PN: 0549D0497G1


Diagram # 177L216DWG146

These GE AK-25 Breakers are so Clean!

Please email sales for pricing and remember any part is available for sale off of these breakers. Thank you!

NASG11288, NASG11292, NASG11293