GE Magneblast AM13.8-1000-3H Circuit Breaker (E/O,D/O) - 1200 Amp

by GE

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General Electric AM 13.8-1000-3H 1200 Amp
GE Magneblast 1200 Amp AM-13.8-1000-3H Medium Voltage Air Framed Power Circuit Breaker

1000 MVA
3 phase
1200 AMP
125vDC Controls or we can match your existing
ML-17 Mechanism
3500 lbs. plus pallet and packaging
Max Interrupting 50000
48kA Close and Latch
MOM AMP 80000
GE Magne-Blast AM13.8-1000-3H
Closing Coil 6174582G1 125vDC
Potential Trip Coil 6174582G1 125vDC

Each used, out-of-production GE Magneblast AM13.8-1000-3H Circuit Breaker is available As-Is or Class A Reconditioned.

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NAS also stocks 1200 & 3000 amp AM13.8-1000-3H / 4H Circuit Breakers, Switchgear, Switchgear Parts and Loose Circuit Breaker Parts.

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NAS9135, NAS9136, NAS9137, NASG13080, NASG13085

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