EATON/Cutler Hammer FP-5000-00 Feeder Protection Relay

by Eaton / Cutler Hammer

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Cutler Hammer FP-5000-00 Feeder Protection Relay
Power Supply: 48-125vDC, 100-120vAC 20VA
CT: 5 Amp Nominal
VT: 69/120vAC Nominal 
Inner/Outer Chasis Style #: 66D2041G01
Inner Chasis FP5000-00-IC Style #: 66D2038G01
Outer Chasis FP5000-OC Style#: 66D2039G01

Protection Features • Phase overcurrent A. 2-stage instantaneous with timers (50P-1 & 50P-2) B. Inverse time overcurrent (51P) C. Voltage restraint inverse time overcurrent (51P2) D. 10 standard curves E. Reset 1. Instantaneous 2. Time Delay 3. Calculated • Independent measured ground or neutral overcurrent element A. 2-stage instantaneous with timers (50X-1 & 50X-2) B. Inverse time overcurrent (51X) C. 10 standard & 3 user defined custom curves D. Reset 1. Instantaneous 2. Time Delay 3. Calculated • Independent calculated ground or neutral overcurrent element A. 2-stage instantaneous with timers (50R-1 & 50R-2) B. Inverse time overcurrent (51R) C. 10 standard curves D. Reset 1. Instantaneous 2. Time Delay 3. Calculated • Breaker failure (50BF) • Phase current unbalance and sequence protection (46) • Phase voltage unbalance and sequence protection (47) • Main 3-phase under/overvoltage (27M1/59M1) • Power Protection (32) • Under/over frequency (81U/81O) • Auxiliary single-phase under/overvoltage (27A1/59A1) • Neutral voltage (59N1) • Power factor (55) • Zone interlocking for bus protection (87B) • Additional elements for alarming on: A. Instantaneous overcurrent (50P-3, 50X-3, 50R-3) B. Under/overvoltage (27M-2/59M-2, 27A-2/59A-2) C. Power (32) D. Under/over frequency (81U-2, 810-2) E. Current unbalance (46-2) F. Voltage unbalance (47-2) G. Neutral voltage (59N-2)

Metering Features • Amps & amps demand • Volts • Volt-amps • Watts & kW demand • kwh, net kwh • Vars & kvar demand • Kvarh & net kvarh • Power factor • Frequency • Min/max recording • Trending (load profile over time) • Current & voltage THD

Monitoring Features • Trip coil • Breaker wear (accumulated interrupted current) • Oscillography (256 cycles total, up to 16 events) • Trip data logs (up to 16 events) • Sequence of events report (up to 100 events) • Clock (1 ms time stamping)

Control Functions • Remote open/close • Local open/close • Programmable I/O • Programmable logic gates and timers • Multiple setting groups (up to 4) • Sync-Check (25) • Cold load pickup

Mechanical Features • Full drawout unit (automatic CT shorts) • Standard IQ Panel Cutout retrofit possible • Outline Size is approximately 6.5" (165.1 mm) wide 10" (254 mm) high 7" (177.8 mm) deep • Weight for outer case is 5.0 lbs. (2.27kg), inner drawout 5.8 lbs.(2.63 kg) Approximate shipping weight is 16.5 lbs. (7.48 kg)

Design Features • Password protected • Data acquisition with necessary resolution and sampling frequency A. 3-phase currents B. Ground current C. 3-phase voltages D. Auxiliary voltage E. rms values (current and voltages) F. Power [real (W), reactive (VAR), apparent (VA)] G. Power factor (apparent and displacement) H. Fequency I. Power and current demand J. Min/max values K. Energy  Control power A. ac or dc control power (100–120 Vac, 50/60 Hz or 48–125 Vdc) B. ac or dc control power (100–250 Vdc or 100-240 ac, 50/60 Hz) C. Consult factory for availability of other voltage power supplies. • Nonvolatile memory for Settings, Waveforms, Sequence of Event Logs, Trip Logs and Trending • Determine condition of acquired data relative to settings A. Current, voltage, and frequency protection • Monitoring and reporting of additional system information A. Oscillography B. Sequence of events recording C. Trip target data D. Real-time clock E. Breaker wear, trip coil F. Signal harmonic content • Zone interlocking • User access to processed data (through PowerNet and PowerPort) • Meets ANSI, IEC, UL, and CUL standards

Communication Features • Local HMI • Addressable • Local communication port (RS-232 on 9-pin DIN) • Remote communication ports A. INCOM FSK • Protocols A. INCOM/IMPACC Communications Standard, IL 17384 - Part A, Version 3.0 B. MODBUS RTU

Self-Test Features • Hardware A. Processor integrity B. RAM C. PROM checksum D. Analog input circuitry • Application A. Comparison of current flow with apparent state of breaker B. Comparison of apparent and set phase sequence C. Determination of correct voltage or current phasor relationships and/or balance D. Setting integrity

Each FP-5000 Relay is Cleaned, Tested with Report and Caries our One Year Warranty.

Standard lead time (1-3) days prior to shipping. If item is needed sooner please call or email.

Call 800-909-3660 or email with questions.

After hours emergency hotline 216-402-0507 or 216-570-2725

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