Westinghouse DS-632 Circuit Breaker, E/O D/O 3200A

by Westinghouse

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Westinghoue DS-632 Air Framed Power Circuit Breaker
Class A Reconditioned by NAS
Electrically Operated
3200 Amp Frame
600 Volt
3 Pole 
Retrofitted with NEW Utility Relay AC Pro Solid State Trip Unit

***Note-This is a Complete Tear-down Class A Recondition***
Always compare apples to apples.

Wiring Digram# 800A600 Figure # 2A4A7A9D10C

NAS can wire your breaker to your specifications. 

Ask about our Recondition Swapout Program (Keep your breakers alive)

Each Class A Reconditioned DS-632 circuit breaker will be Meggered, Ductored and Tested on our Primary Injection Test Set with a Typed Report. Each Westinghouse DS-632 will be backed by Our 1 Year Warranty. 

North American Switchgear has Hundreds of spares and thousands of loose parts to keep your substations going for years. We also have complete DS Switchgear and Loose DS Switchgear Parts in stock.

Manually or Electrically Operated Versions available (Drawout)

DS Renewal Parts

To order your Class A Recondition DS-632 please email us your nameplate data along with trip unit type so we can offer you a proper quote.

DS-632 Circuit Breakers must ship via freight on a pallet. Please email sales@naswgr.com with your zip code for a freight quote.

Click or copy and paste the following link to see film footage of the breaker being tested- http://youtu.be/5egvubKb24U

Click on the following link to view our DS-632 Renewal Parts Web Page-http://www.naswgr.com/Circuit_Breaker_Pages/Westinghouse/Low_Voltage/DS-632.html

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