DBF-6 ~ Westinghouse DBF-6 Circuit Breaker ~ 405D804G09 ~ 3 Position DBF-6 Field Circuit Breaker

by Westinghouse

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Westinghouse DBF-6 Circuit Breakers

600 volt
600 Amp
Electrically Operated
3 Pole

NAS can wire to your specifications. 

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Each Class A Reconditioned or Cleaned/Tested DBF-6 Circuit Breaker will be Meggered, Ductored, Tested on Our High Current Primary Injection Test Set and will be backed by Our 1 Year Warranty. 

Available Class A Reconditioned, Cleaned & Tested, AS-IS or parts.

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DBF-6 Air Circuit Breaker Renewal Parts Listing 
Shunt Trip- 1491362 , 1491403

Electrically Operated 419D872G01 ,
Pole Unit 21A8826G10 ,
Moving Main Contact Assembly 18A9894G10 ,
Moving Arcing Contact 302C137G01 ,
Operating Link 1491410 ,
Stationary Main Contact and Upper Stud 1491419 ,
Stationary Arcing Contact 302C137G02 ,
Opening Spring 1809546 ,
Finger Clusters 1491904 ,
Arc Chutes 406D675G01 ,
Field Discharge Switch 1529503 ,
Moving Contact Arm with Shunt 1491414 ,
Lower Stud 1735836 ,
Cross Bar 1491394 ,
Base 1809545 ,
Breaker Lever 1491459 ,
Roller Lever 1491454 ,
Pawl , 1491442 ,
Pawl Spring 1491450 ,
Pawl Pin 1802680 ,
Tripping Lever 1572414 ,
Trip Lever Spring 1491445 ,
Tripping Spring 126A107H03 ,
Closing Spring for Electrically Operated DBF6 Circuit Breaker 125A871H03 ,
Mechanism Shaft for Electrically Operated DBF-6 Circuit Breaker 419D396G03 ,
Auxiliary Switch 4 pole 14B7132G06 ,
Auxiliary Switch Cover 302C225H02 ,
Secondary 18B1225G09 ,
Base 1809545 ,
Arc Chute 1491059 ,
Upper Stud 1574542 ,
Lower Stud 1574543 ,
Contact Arm and Shunt 21B4789G02 ,
Operating Link 1574548 ,
Stationary Arcing Tip 1581766 ,
Finger Cluster 1491905

DBF-6 Air Circuit Breaker Renewal Parts Listing


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