LGH3630NN , EATON LGH3630NN Circuit Breakers , 69D4632G03 , L630H

LGH3630NN , EATON LGH3630NN Circuit Breakers , 69D4632G03 , L630H

NAS just purchased the following for inventory. Each LGH3630NN circuit breaker will be inspected, cleaned, tested with report and backed by our 1 year warranty.

EATON LGH3630NN Circuit Breakers
600 volt
3 pole
Style # 69D4632G03
630 A max (In) IEC
600 A max (In) UL/CSA
630 A trip unit not UL/CSA listed
Thermal Magnetic Trip Only

Instantaneous Trips
(1) is set at 350 amps
(2) are set at 500 amps
(1) is set at 600 amps

These items have not been out through our inventory process as of yet.

Please call 800-909-3660 and ask for Mike Habeeb or email me at michaelh@naswgr.com

If this is an emergency please call me at 216-402-0507 (24/7 lock it in)

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