Reconditioned GE Magneblast Load Side Bottles

Reconditioned GE Magneblast Load Side Bottles

1200 Amp 5KV Reconditioned GE Magneblast Load Side Bottles

Reconditioned 2013, our bottle reconditioning process includes removing the old potting epoxy, taking off the old tape/buss cover, sand blasting the base and scrubbing off any blemishes or marks on the porcelain. Then once we have a clean canvas, we re-insulate them, reseal the buss with Ray-chem and pour new potting epoxy. Making sure your product is better than it was the first time you plugged in!

1200 Amp or 2000 amp bottles available

5KV or 15KV

You can also send your own set in for our professional team to recondition!

Each set of bottles will be cleaned, tested and backed by our 1 year warranty.

Standard lead time (1-3) days prior to shipping. If item is needed sooner please call or email.

Are you looking for GE repair parts for your breaker line-up? Looking to have your GE breakers repaired, reconditioned or fine-tuned to specification? Well look no further! Here at North American Switchgear that’s our specialty! NAS stocks all parts for GE breakers, GE switchgear and specializes in reconditioning breakers from the ground up. From PowerVac to Magneblast to all types of AK-AKR units, just ask, we have it!

Today’s reconditioned bottle set blog was just a very small sample of our vast inventory!

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