15-GMI-750-2000 , Siemens 15-GMI-750-2000-58 Circuit Breaker , VS25002

15-GMI-750-2000 , Siemens 15-GMI-750-2000-58 Circuit Breaker , VS25002 , VS 25002 , 2000 amp 750 MVA 15kV GMI Vacuum Circuit Breaker , 18-746-350-401 , 125vDC Controls


Siemens 15-GMI-750-2000-58 Circuit Breaker

Siemens 15-GMI-750-2000-58 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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2000 amp
750 MVA
15kV GMI Vacuum Circuit Breaker
18-746-350-401 Wiring Diagram
Motor 100-170vDC
Trip Coil 70-140vDC
Close Coil 100-140vDC
2000 amp Vacuum Bottles PN: VS25002 (Always Hi-Potted prior to stock and prior to shipping)
Close and Latch 58kA
Built in 11/1994
Manual # SG-3268

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NASG12665 need New Location (Currently Bay 1-A)

Item must ship via freight on a pallet. Please call or email for your pricing.

This 15-GMI-750-2000 2000 amp circuit breaker was Hi-Potted and Tested before it hit the shelf.
It is available Class A Reconditioned or As-Is (E-OK)

Class A Reconditioned 15-GMI-750-2000-58 will be stripped down, replated (Aircraft Plating), new hardware, lubricated and built back up to perfection. A test report will come with the breaker and it will be backed by our 1 year warranty. Please email us for a copy of our procedures.

E-OK ships within 1-3 days.

NAS Class A Recondition lead times vary- please ask for a current lead time.

NAS can match your required controls. Please email or call us with any questions.
800-909-3660 or email sales@naswgr.com

Video of us Hi-Potting a 250 MVA version (Copy and paste or click on the link)-  http://youtu.be/tJMVoGfhyU8

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