Circuit Breaker Parts

NAS, Inc. stocks parts for all types of low and medium voltage power circuit breakers. 

Product lines include:
General Electric AK, AKR, AM and AMH (Magneblast) Circuit Breakers 
Westinghouse DB, DS, DH, DHP, VCP and VCP-W Circuit Breakers
ABB / ITE / BBC K-Line, LK, HK and HV Circuit breakers
Allis Chalmers LA, RL, AM, MA, FC, FB and FA Circuit Breakers

Parts are being added to the site daily.  Following are links to products currently on our website:

All Circuit Breaker parts

Westinghouse DB Circuit Breaker Parts

Westinghouse DS Circuit Breaker Parts

Westinghouse DHP Circuit Breaker Parts

If you don't see what you need on this website - e-mail us at or call 800-909-3660 for a quotation. Our sales representatives are very knowledgeable in all types of circuit breakers and will be able to quickly quote what you need.